Keeping a Squeaky Clean Reputation

If you’re in the process of vacating your property, it’s important to know how much cleaning is enough without doing too much. Landlords and lettings and estate agents have bothersome expectations about exactly what needs to be done, professional carpet cleaning and the like, and these niggling details may even be included in your lease.

Most of them are not in the domain of everyday house cleaning and knowing what they are will have you one step closer to getting your bond back. The best thing to do is ask your landlord or lettings agent if they have a formal checklist for move out cleaning.

If they don’t or they’ve “temporarily misplaced it” try ringing around to some of the¬†end of tenancy cleaning¬†London companies and ask what they use. Lots of them will have cleaning specifications posted on their website, and this will get you out of cleaning your flat from top to toe, only to be refused part of your bond because you didn’t use bleach and a toothbrush between the bathroom tiles.

As far as house cleaning tips go for vacating your property, most are straightforward, common sense type stuff. Be thorough and leave yourself plenty of time. Trying to get everything in at the last minute usually leads you to miss something. While this is OK in the case of company coming over, if your landlord or estate agents finds that your DIY house cleaning wasn’t up to standard, in most cases they will hire a professional to do the rest, and pay for it out of your bond.

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