Point of Purchase Displays – Designing to Meet Your Needs

Gone are the days of dropping your product out to the local five and dime where the manager knew your name and would gladly throw your goods up onto their shelves to give it a trial.

In today’s fast paced and ever changing market you will have to prove your product’s worth before the valuable real estate of the retail store shelves will ever be afforded to you and your merchandise. The saleability of your merchandise is generally proven during a trial period on the terms of the store. The store generally gives the vendor the opportunity to sell their merchandise on a pop display provided and paid for by the vendor and within the guidelines of the store. The merchandise sales would be measured, valued, and re-evaluated. The sell through results will determine whether the product would get permanent shelf space, remain on a pop display, or be removed from the store all together.

So how important is a good pop display design? When it may mean the difference between life and death of your merchandise I think the answer is obvious.

So where do we start? When first considering product display, there are a number of aspects to consider and questions to answer when designing your custom pop unit. You may be able to answer some of these questions easily, others you may have to consult with others;

1. How much space will I have for my display? What is the footprint of display and the total height allowed by the store?

2. How many sku’s will I require and how many facings per product type will I require?

3. How many parts/dollars of merchandise will I be able to hold in this amount of space?

4. What type of environment will the display be in? Will it be marketing indoors, outdoors, high traffic areas, against a wall, mid-aisle?

5. Should the display be single sided, double sided, stationary, or spinning?

6. Should there be provisions for graphics on the display?

7. Will I require price channels or upc tabs for individual pricing or product information?

8. How far will the displays be shipping? Should I consider knockdown versus solid construction?

9. What is my budget for such a display? What can I afford?

10. What are the capabilities of the manufacturer of the display? Can they handle my requirements?

Let’s look at some of these questions a little closer and answer some of them together.

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